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Better Team Performance & Meetings

Enhance your team's performance to get more done, in less time, with follow up!

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At Amadeus Consulting, we help leaders co-create systems around how their teams operate day to day and meet challenges.

Business has become too complex to depend on individual high performers and the still-prevalent one-to-one leadership style. We need to access the collective intelligence of our teams to create the cooperation and innovation required to succeed in business today. By tapping into this collective, we also create more meaningful, sustainable and profitable places to work.

Whether it's ongoing Team Coaching sessions around real-time business scenarios OR a one-off strategic Facilitated Meeting, Lisa can help you align your team's mission with exciting results.

Individual Jam Sessions are also available on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

Team Coaching Sessions

Align your team around top performance and the team dynamics required to get the job done efficiently and sustainably.  Uncover what is holding them back!

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Meeting Facilitation Services

Let us be your unbiased, objective facilitator for  important strategy sessions, planning meetings, or retreats.

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90-minute Jam Session

Do you have an amazing new idea, or strategy to plan out before you present it to your team?

Let me help you get it out of your head and into the world. 

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Lisa Latorcai, owner and founder, believes in the

 Power of Conversation.

Every great idea, interaction, conflict resolution and goal begins with one conversation.  And how we talk to each other matters.  

Let's get more done together! 

Lisa Latorcai

certified Team Coach 

​Team Coaching is the solution of the future.

There are many reasons why teams are underperforming:

• Uncompelling goals

• Unclear direction, even opposing priorities and resource allocation

• Unprecedented change and responsiveness required to compete

• Increased complexity for how business operates 

• Demand for social integrity across all stakeholders

• Overreliance on the "hero dynamic" of depending on one person too often for too many things

• Multiple formidable solutions to every challenge

Team Coaching will:

• Creates objective, repeatable, strategic systems of operating to maintain a predictable outcome

• Uncovers what is really holding a team back from true cooperation

• Builds trust, rapport, camaraderie

• Align team member to the goals of the company and each other

• Creates meaningful, purpose-driven places to work that attract top talent

• Works in real time on real business issues so less perceived time is wasted

• Increase high team performance and get results!

Ultimately, Team Coaching leads to…

higher profitability, less wasted resources and advanced innovation.  Your team is a living system - with strengths, blind spots, unspoken rules, a unique culture, and unlimited potential.  When given the investment, respect and trust they deserve, challenges are mitigated, blocks are uncovered, and you open a path to real change.

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