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Lisa Latorcai

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance

Lisa Latorcai can work wonders with workforce dynamics.

After working in a number of "workplace war zones", Lisa decided to do something about it. Her passion for a collaborative culture of mutual respect has inspired her work in conflict resolution and professional training and development.

Lisa provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of business and psychology. With a focus on helping people find purpose at work, she balances the economic and human aspects of business.

Her passion is to create more healthier, happier work places that people really want to work in. She's warm, energizing and inspiring. She goes beyond expectations to ensure participants and client get great value from her training. Lisa's enthusiasm is inspiring.

As the President of Amadeus Consulting, Lisa is hands-on in managing, creating and implementing training programs for a variety of clients. She is deeply invested in supporting others in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Talk to Lisa about customizing a training and development solution to meet your specific needs in the following areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Culture
  • Performance Consulting

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance!