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Lisa Latorcai

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance

An Authentic Workforce is one where real people get real results.

Given a choice, most people want to be happy at work. So why is it that so many aren't?

The old way of doing business focused on the business. That's just not working any more. We all know that it's the people in your business that make it work. Or in some cases, not work.

Business principles still apply but let's give them a choice.

People are motivated when they have some sense of control over the outcome of a project. We are innately wired for continuous improvement. What stops your employees is the lack of autonomy, as well as a lack of trust in the people and the process.

The Authentic Workforce training empowers managers and teams with practical tools that focus on their relationships. Credibility and caring builds mutual respect and accountability. Intrinsically motivated employees influences workflow and deliver better, faster results.

Spend less time micro-managing and more time enjoying the productivity.

Not so easy, you say? Learn how you can make some small changes that can effect BIG changes in the office. When the pain of staying the same is greater than the changing... give me a call.

Just a couple of days in the Authentic Workforce training could change your world.

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance!

Authentic Workforce Training

The Authentic Workforce is a customized, modular, leadership training program that is highly interactive and engaging. Participants will:

  • Discover the keys to effective collaboration
  • Learn to self-manage in stressful situations and decision-making
  • Practical techniques to align employee goals to the vision of the company
  • Gain helpful tools to apply right away at work.

Bring out the best in your people. Open their minds and open their hearts to a new way of working together. Get the right things done.

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“The Authentic Workforce is unlike any other training session: it’s educational, but also fun and engaging. Attendees get to learn more about themselves and about how to work authentically without even realizing that they have covered such a wide array of learning material.”

Caillin Pinto

A/Learning Consultant

National Service Delivery