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Lisa Latorcai

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance

There's nothing more stressful than conflict in the workplace.

Conflict has a profound affect on the health and wellness of your employees. Resulting in lower productivity and increased time off. Many good people will actually quit because conflicts don't get resolved.

How many good people do you have to lose before getting to the heart of the problem?

Gain the skills and the tools that professional mediators use to resolve the issues, so everyone can get back to business. Learn to mediate for others or have your employees trained to handle their own issues. Either way, you'll free up more time to focus on productive performance at work.

"In the life cycle of every conflict,

there is a point when it's large enough to be recognized,

but small enough to be resolved"

Daniel Dana

Manager-as-Mediator Seminar

Conflict doesn't have to be debilitating to get attention. Minor conflicts can lead to major conflicts overnight.

With increasing demands inside and outside the office, people need help to overcome issues that get in the way of their job satisfaction and productivity.

Regardless, if there is a conflict in your workplace now or not. If you manage a team or are responsible for helping cross-functional teams work well together, then you need this training. This is non-optional. Because you never know when a problem might come along.

Learn how to negotiate better working relationships faster. You owe it to your team and to yourself.

Employee-as-Mediator Seminar

Who really wants to go running to their boss to resolve a conflict, anyway?

Sometimes you're just too close or too deep to be objective about a situation. But if you had the skills and the tools you could work it out. Learn to manage the differences that impair teamwork, quality, decision-making, job motivation, and cooperation.

The Employee-as-Mediator Seminar is designed for any employee who works interdependently with others. Mediation is a core workplace competency that can also be used to enhance personal relationships, too.

It's way more satisfying when you and your co-workers simply resolve issues as they come up.

What type of Conflict Mediation do you need? Let's talk about it. Email or call Lisa at 416.823.3654