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Lisa Latorcai

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance

Get the right people into the right jobs.

You wouldn't buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Would you?

Well placing people in the wrong jobs makes everyone uncomfortable.

But that's what so many companies do with their employees. Then they wonder why people don't perform, are dissatisfied with their jobs and quit. Or simply don't produce as expected.

In order to create an Authentic Workforce, people need to feel authentic about what they do.

Understanding employees' attitudes, natural tendencies and preferences helps you to determine the right fit. You need the job done, so why not give it to someone that has the passion, behaviours and competencies to do it right?

THEN you can manage your people to their full potential.

This is your competitive advantage for hiring and placing employees. Get a deeper understanding of what make them click. Use the proven science of profile assessments to help managers make better decisions when it comes to:

  • hiring;
  • employee coaching and development;
  • talent management;
  • and team building.

We'll help you assess your company's needs. Then develop a step-by-step plan to implement and apply the profile results. This provides real and actionable insights that can increase productivity, performance and lower your turnover cost dramatically.

Select and retain the best people for the job.

Hiring Great Talent

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Hiring great people is a top priority and Amadeus Consulting wants to assist you with determining the right talent.

Have you or anyone in your organization ever hired a candidate who looked great on paper and interviewed like a star, only to let them go a few months later?

The information in the resume is the weakest predictor of how well an individual will work out. It’s almost always the starting point in the conversation, and yet nearly 90% of the time when people fail, it has nothing to do with education, skills and work history.

The far stronger predictor of how someone will work out is whether they will fit in your organization.

TalentSorter helps you see the real person behind the resume… and scores every candidate for you based on their likely fit in the job.

Better yet, the system generates an Interview Guide unique to each candidate, that tells your managers exactly what questions to ask.

It’s like truth serum.

Get beneath the ‘interview mask’ to what matters most in a quick and efficient way.

Free 15-day Trial

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Why not try TalentSorter for yourself, totally risk-free?

Contact Lisa if you have any questions.