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Why Team Coaching

Team Coaching offers a unique and comprehensive solution to our major challenges in business today.  

The foundation of our Team Coaching model is built on the following 

principles that guide how we approach every team:

#1 Teams exist to produce results.  There is no other reason to form the team except that is produce meaningful results and the mission of the team exists regardless of the specific people filling the roles

#2 The team is a living system.  Members of the team are interdependent and they learn and grow together in an ever-changing environment.  The team has it's own personality and unspoken 'rules of engagement'.

#3 Team members want to be on high-performing teams and want to contribute.  As humans, we are wired for community, we thrive when collaborating for a common purpose, and given the choice, would rather want to do something well.

#4 The team has within it the means to excel.  It's a bold statement but when we start from a declaration that the team is creative enough, resourceful enough, and capable enough to excel, we create a positive, encouraging atmosphere and the expectation of success.

taken from:  "Teams Unleashed" by Phillip Sandahl & Alexis Phillips

Does this sound like your team?

What to Expect from the Team Coaching Process

A typical team coaching program follows the following basic framework:


During this initial phase we gain an understanding of your requests and needs and help determine if Team Coaching is the right fit.  


Each member of the team is given The Team Diagnostic™ which measures 14 factors that support the two interrelated dimensions of Productivity (business results) and Positivity (how we work together).  The assessment is 80 questions long and takes about 20 minutes.


We gather for a half, full or 2-day session to debrief the results of the The Team Diagnostic™ and determine next steps for what the team would like to tackle based on their priorities and needs.  


Sessions are of variable length (2, 4 or 8 hours) and aim to facilitate the team in delivering results while developing effective processes and functional relational dynamics. During the sessions, the coach provides feedback, observations and reflective space to build team awareness, challenge unproductive dynamics and leverage unused strengths.


We run a final team evaluation session at the end of the team coaching program, where the team reflects on its learning and achievements, celebrates successes and maps out the road ahead. After this stage, we can also undertake an ROI (Return On Investment) analysis to ensure we have met or exceeded your success measures.

The Team Diagnostic™

The Team Diagnostic™ is a unique approach to working with teams because it regards the team as a dynamic “system”. A team is more than the sum of its parts.  With the Team Diagnostic™ team assessment the team’s needs are explored independent of the needs of any single member.

The Team Leader View™ Assessment offers a perspective just for the leader of a team.  The resulting report provides leaders with clear direction for team improvement based on their view of team performance.  It takes about 20 minutes to complete online and offered free of charge for serious, no-obligation inquiries.

Assessment for Team Coaching

To experience what an assessment can do for your team, book your personal 'Team Leader View' Assessment and Debrief.

Request your Complimentary TLV Assessment